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Tuesday 8th December, 2020

LC: To discuss and record ideas for planning.



Today, you are going to use the ideas you collected on fantasy stories to plan your own fantasy narrative based on the Snow Queen T4W text.


1. Use the boxed-up Snow Queen plan below to help you plan your new text.


2. Once you have finished your new story, magpie any words, phrases or language structures from the Snow Queen T4W text you would like to use.  


Original text

New text

Magpie Ideas


An evil mirror is made as the perfect weapon against happiness. The Snow Queen shatters it up in the sky so that it can travel far and wide.




Gerda and Kay are best friends who listen to stories about the Snow Queen. One night, Kay meets the Snow Queen who gives him splinters of the mirror and captures him.




Gerda searches for Kay even though she doesn’t know where to find him. She finds a mysterious boat that takes her to a frozen and icy land. She meets a raven who tells her the Wise Woman may know where her friend can be found.




Gerda and the raven meet the Wise Woman. She tells them that Kay is with the Snow Queen. She tells Gerda to defeat her with a loving heart. Gerda goes to the palace and finds Kay. She defeats the Snow Queen with her loving heart and Kay loses his splinters of mirror.




Gerda and Kay travel back home in the Snow Queen’s sleigh. Everyone celebrates. Kay and Gerda realise a lot of time has passed and they are now grown up.



Complete the plan in your exercise book.