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R - When the boat broke free from the ice their troubles were not over. Find 3 other problems that the crew still faced. 


I - Based on the details in the extract, explain where you think it takes place. 


C - Which best describes the theme of this story.


a) boating       b) nature       c) survival       d) weather


C - The author uses the word unrelenting in the first paragraph?  Which word could you use as a synonym?


a) constant       b) freezing       c) pitiful       d) terrifying

Wednesday 25th November

LC: To retrieve information from a text

Please read the following persuasive article about why we should drink water. Once you have read through the whole text, complete the retrieval questions. 



1. What are some of the reasons why some people do not drink enough water? Find two.

2. How much water should an adult drink every day?

3. What is the most important reason for regularly drinking water?

4. A certain percentage of our bodies are made of water. How much is this?

5. Not drinking enough water can cause stomach ache. What is the reason for this?

6. How can drinking water make our muscles ache less after exercise?

7. How can drinking water save us money?

8. If you don't like the taste of water, what is suggested in the text?