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Thursday 3rd December, 2020

LC: To find the conventions of a fantasy story.

The Snow Queen is a fantasy story. 

In order for a story to belong to the fantasy genre, it must have many of the following features: 


1. Magic

(having the power of mysterious forces)

2. Adventure

(questing heroes or a child falling down a magic rabbit hole)

3. Conflict

(good versus evil with good and bad characters)

4. Real world versus fantasy 

(There is usually a way in and out of the fantasy world like a portal.) 

5. Place/setting is built on magic

(imaginary world)

6. Possibly talking animals


Using the below table, collect evidence of each feature found in the Snow Queen text. 


Features of the fantasy genre

Evidence found in the Snow Queen text













Real world versus fantasy




Place/Setting is built on magic




Possibly talking animals




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