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Monday 30th November, 2020

LC: To prepare playscripts to read aloud, showing understanding through intonation ,tone, volume and action.

Today, you are going to read your playscript aloud that you created on Friday. 


Remember, a playscript is a type of story that has been written for actors to perform. 


Would all the characters speak the same? How do you think they would speak?

1. Use different voices for the characters. 


No inverted commas are used in a playscript to show the reader the direct speech. Instead, the character name and a colon are used to show the character's line to be spoken. 

2. Only read aloud the character line. 


Stage directions are not read aloud. They give the actor a command to do something. 

3. Use the stage directions to perform an action while you are reading aloud. 

Listen to the teacher model with the below playscript before you prepare to read your playscript aloud. 


Reading a play script aloud.wav