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Wednesday 25th November, 2020

LC: To develop initial ideas of a text by making inferences.

For our next unit of literacy work, we are going to be looking at a very famous tale that was originally written by Hans Christian Andersen. However, the version we will be looking at in great detail is retold by Sarah Lowes.


Your Challenge

Look at the front cover of the text below and note down what you can see. Anything you can find or see in the text is evidence. 


Next, read the blurb of the book below. What do we learn about the story from the blurb?

Again, anything you find or see in the text is evidence. 



Now that you have looked carefully at the front cover and blurb of the book, you are going to make inferences about the book.

An inference can be a thought or opinion we have based on what we have read. You can not find the answer in the text but you use the clues given to you by the author in order to infer.

You will also use the book talk prompts below to help you structure your thoughts.


Take a look at the model below.

The inference is written in blue and the evidence from the text that has supported my idea or opinion is in red. The book talk prompt is in orange


Teacher thought: 

Perhaps, the story is set in an icy and bitter land as there are snowflakes on the front cover and it says there is a frozen palace in the blurb


Now it is your turn.

Record your thoughts in your exercise book.