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Today, we are going to practice making a prediction.  Read the page below which has been taken from a newspaper.

What is the report talking about?


What is the main information that can be taken from the report?


When is lockdown supposed to end?


From reading the text, you should have understood that lockdown in England is due to end on December 2nd in time for Christmas. However, there have been some reasons which have been mentioned in the report why lockdown may not end on December 2nd.



You are going to make a prediction. Will lockdown end on December 2nd?


Whether your answer is yes or no, you need to use some clues from the report to give reasons why you have made that decision.


Finally, I would like to know your opinion, do you think lockdown should end on December 2nd?


Please write the date and LC in your home learning book then copy out the questions below and answer them using evidence from the report.