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R - What time did Ronan need to ready to go fishing with his Grandpa Leon?


I - What was surprising about Grandpa Leon's reaction to catching a suitcase?


C - Which best describes Grandpa Leon?


- Confident and cheerful

- Cranky and strict

- He is very famous

- He doesn't like to joke around


Monday 23rd November

LC: To understand an author's use of language





Learn all about superlatives and how they are used in grammar. A superlative is a grammatical comparison that indicates an extreme or unsurpassed extent.


Superlative as an adjective


The word superlative indicates something that is the best of its kind, or something which surpasses all others.


They are used when a speaker or writer is trying to compare a group of things.


Superlatives are typically formed by adding the suffix '–est' to the end of the adjective or adverb that you are using the compare the items.

However, some words sound odd when you '-est', and in these cases the word 'most' can be included before the word to achieve the same result.



'James is the tallest boy in his class'.

'Jessica is the fastest sprinter in school'.

'Frank baked the tastiest cookies'.

'Harriet is the most attentive student I've met'.


In some cases, the superlative of a word does not follow these rules.

For example, the superlative of 'good' is best and the superlative of 'bad' is worst.


Superlatives are used in persuasive writing to help to convince the reader. Read the following sources and find all the superlatives.