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Today we are going to be identifying similes and metaphors. We have been using simile starters in our writing over recent weeks. You have been able to start and punctuate a simile at the beginning of a sentence, so we all know what a simile is. 


A simile is where we say something is like something else


A metaphor is where we say something is something else.

Look at the definitions of a simile and a metaphor below. This reminds us that a simile and metaphor is a comparisons of two unlike things. Look carefully at the examples, so you have complete understanding of what both a simile is and a metaphor is.

Look at the model below. This is to show you how the similes and metaphors have been identified using a key.


The colour red = similes

The colour blue = metaphors



Let's have a look at the first simile we see in the model, 'The car moved like a snail'. This tell me that the car must be moving slowly because a snail moves slowly.



Let's have a look at the first metaphor we see in the model, 'The house was a zoo'. Obviously the house isn't a zoo. However, this tells me that the house had lots of animals in it. This was just like Mr Broadleday's house when he was younger. His friends would say, 'Your house is a zoo Mr Broadleday'. Not because his parents turned it into a zoo but because he has over 20 animals living in it.


Identify the whether the phrase in the box below is a simile or metaphor.


Write the phrase in your blended learning book and write an equals sign next to it. Then, write simile or metaphor after the equals sign when you have determined the answer.



What it should look like in your book


Friday 20th November

LC: To collect words and phrases including metaphors and similes.


The boy ran like the wind = simile

The moon was a ghostly galleon =

When you have finished, send a picture of your writing to your teacher on Seesaw!