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Monday 16th November, 2020

LC: To prepare for research by identifying what is already known about a subject and ask questions.


This week, both you and your teacher will be

 creating an explanation text on the topic of electricity.  


Teacher's explanation focus Children's explanation focus
How electricity reaches people's homes How electricity works


Before we can begin planning and writing our explanation text, we need to think about our focus/ explanation title and what we already know about it. You will need to think back to your science work from last week to help you. 


Take a look at the teacher model below. 

Now it's your turn.

What do you already know about how electricity works?

Record what you know in your book.

Now we have thought about what we already know, we need to ask questions in order to gain more detail on the topic.


Take a look at the teacher model below.


Now it's your turn.

What do you need to find out about how electricity works? 

Think about what you already know. Do you still have further questions? 

Record your questions in your book.

When you have done both these tasks, you are now ready to begin researching on how electricity works.

You will do you research as part of your literacy learning today.