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R - How does the poet say she must behave towards her mind?


I - Do you think the poet is a young person or an older person? Explain why using evidence from the text.


C - Why do you think the writer compares her mind to “paths and mazes”? Explain your choice clearly.


Tuesday 10th November

LC: To retrieve information from a non-fiction text


Please read through the following information about Lyme Regis and the Jurassic Coast. Mary Anning grew up and lived in Lyme Regis so some of this information is going to be useful when you write your biography later in the week. When you have answered the questions, please add information to the timeline from yesterday - this information will go in the Introduction or the Early Years section. 


Follow the link below and use your skimming and scanning skills to find the answers to the following questions. 

When you have had a look at the information, please answer the questions in your Home Learning book if you are learning from home. 


1. Where is the Jurassic Coast?

2. How long does it stretch?

3. Where do people find the fossilised creatures?

4. How many years of geological history can be found in the rocks?

5. What are the 3 periods of history that can be found in the fossils?

6. What sometimes happens to the land to expose the fossils?

7. What can scientists learn from studying fossils?

8. Which 3 great fossils have been found in this area?

9. What does a palaeontologist study?

10. Where did Mary Anning discover the Ichthyosaur fossil?


Add some of the information that you have recorded on to your timeline that you started yesterday.