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Read the following extract and answer the following questions.


R - What does the headmaster have on his hair and around his tooth?

I - How does the boy feel about the headmaster? Explain your answer.

C- What adjectives and adverbs has the author used to describe his characters?

Tuesday 3rd October 2020

 LC- To understand and identify writers use of language for effect.



 Today we are going to continue the work we started yesterday on how writers use certain words or phrases for effect.

 You will need to pick out key words or phrases and think why the writer chose them. What do they want you to feel like or think about? What image does it make in your head?


Read through the Powerpoint carefully as it will help you to do the task in a very advanced way. Are you up for the challenge?

Take each slide step by step and follow the instructions. As you go through, you will be able to see how to develop your work.

Record your thoughts in your reading journals. If you are at home, record in your home books to be brought back to school.