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Monday 2nd November

LC: To identify and understand a writers use of language for effect



Despite the distance, the impact made the ground beneath them judder and sent both boys sprawling backwards into the bracken. When the friends got to their feet they stared in amazement, trying to come to terms with what their boyish eyes were seeing. There was a pale glow where the thing had crash-landed and an eerie, unearthly hum. 


R - As the object impacted, what effect did it have on the ground?


I - What do you think the object is? Explain your answer.


C - Which word suggests that it was something from space?

Let's look at this one together...

It is late at night and you are sitting up in bed, alone, riveted by a good book. So absorbed have you become that you that are blissfully unaware of the isolation which completely surrounds you and which clings to you like a second skin. Outside, in the mid-winter chill, a heavy darkness devours whatever it can whilst nocturnal creatures hoot, bay or otherwise make their plaintive cry to the moon.

Why have I highlighted these parts of the extract in yellow?


Why have I highlighted these parts of the extract in green?


Look carefully...

Have a look at this one...
You understand what I mean when I tell you that the heart races and cold sweat creeps slowly down your back? That's how I felt when the hazy figure entered the dimly lit room. Floating unnaturally, it swept through the furniture that blocked its way. The translucent skin of an old man became more visible. Can you imagine the feeling as he silently approached me?
Explain how I have created tension in this short extract. Explain your thoughts clearly in your Reading Journal. If you are working from home, use your Home Learning Book.