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LC :Read at speed allowing focus on understanding.

      Infer the meaning of unknown words from context

And then Mrs Meadowsweet, reaching out for another delicious green fruit, lost her grip and fell.  She landed on a large and comfortable leaf.  Long tendrils wound themselves around her and gently drew her up to join the rest of the family.  They started to climb again, but by now the weed was growing faster and faster.


R - What did Mrs Meadowsweet land on?

I - Why was Mrs Meadowsweet reaching out for more fruit?

C - How do you know that Mrs Meadowsweet was safe? Use the evidence in the text.

LC: to use sentences with different forms - statements, question, command and exclamation.


Let's start with exclamations.




What a big hole this is!


Why has an ! been used?



Watch the video below to help your understanding.


Now write sentences using !. 


If you are learning at home, please complete this in your blended learning book and then email a photograph of your work to Mr Hindman.