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LC :Read at speed allowing focus on understanding.

     Infer the meaning of unknown words from context.

The Weed by Quentin Blake continued.


The little plant started to grow.

In no time it became taller, and taller, and taller, and started to put out all kinds of strange leaves.

It was bigger than any weed they had ever seen.

Octavia said, “Maybe you should start climbing.”

The clambered up holding on to whatever the weed spouted.  Sometimes it was almost as though it was putting out green hands to help them.

They climbed and climbed.

Mr Meadowsweet said “I hope there’s something left to eat when we get up there. I’m starving.”

Then they noticed that the weed was growing strange green fruit.

Octavia gave a peck or two and said, “I think you should try them.”

“Tastes likes peaches,” said Mrs Meadowsweet.

“Pomegranates,” said Mrs Meadowsweet.

“Pineapple,” said Lily.

Marco said, “Chocolate banana fudge.”



R - Who said that they were hungry?

I - Why did Octavia suggest that they should start climbing?

C - What adjectives has the author used to add description to the story?

LC: Use to spell and use words with contracted form.


"I'm starving!" said Mrs Meadowsweet.

What words can be contracted so we don't have to write as much?

could not - couldn't

I am - I'm

do not - don't

have not - haven't


What other contractions can you think of?

Write them down in a list and then write 3 of  them in a sentence.


If you are learning at home, then complete the task in your blue book and show it to your teacher when you return to school and they will mark it.