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Reading 2

Wednesday 14th April 2021

L.C. To infer information from a text using PE.


When we read a text we can pick up so much information about how a character is feeling from the actions they do. The author will use adverbs to help the reader to understand this without necessarily saying the exact words. 


Whilst we read this text see if you can tell how the characters are feeling.


Tom woke up early. He knew the taxi was just around the corner. He felt like it was Christmas morning but is was the middle of August. He grabbed his case and knocked on his parents’ door eagerly. They shouted back, “It’s nearly time Thomas, go and wake Olivia up!” Tom ran into his sister’s room and jumped on the bed. They both grinned and chatted about the week ahead.

A little while later, the taxi was outside so Tom grabbed his sunglasses and cap. He chuckled to himself because it was very dark and cold outside! Tom and Olivia sprinted to the back seat of the taxi whilst Mum and Dad threw the suitcases into the boot. Then, Mum made sure Olivia was secure in her special booster seat. Mum also went back inside to get Buster the dog!

Olivia’s face dropped and she poked her brother who also looked worried.

“Where are you taking Buster?!” they both said cautiously.

Mum smiled, “Just to grandmas. We’re going to be gone for a while!” Their faces relaxed and they giggled at how silly they had been!

As they approached their destination, Olivia tapped her brother on the arm and pointed outside.                                                                                                                                          “They look like giant birds!” she said. Tom thought this was really funny and he laughed with his sister. Mum and Dad looked at their watches. Their faces dropped. They quickly got Olivia out of her seat and put her in her pram. Dad grabbed Tom’s hand and they paid the man quickly.

“Come on guys!” Dad said sounding slightly worried.


When we answer the questions today, we need to use P.E.

P - Point

E - Evidence


How was Tom feeling in paragraph 1?


P - Tom was feeling excited.

E - It says in the text that he felt like it was Christmas morning.


Using P and E answer the questions on Seesaw