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Reading 2

Friday 27th November, 2020

LC: To infer character thoughts.

Read this short extract from page 16 of the Snow Queen. 

‘He cried out in alarm and tried to attract the attention of the sleigh driver…’

What impression do we get of Kay at this part of the story?


An impression is an idea, thought or feeling of someone or something based on evidence. 


Teacher model:

The impression I have of Kay is that he is worried and scared about where the sleigh is going. I know this because he cried out in alarm and later on in the text it said that further and further from home they sped


                      Impression/inference             Evidence



Read the last paragraph of page 16. 

Answer the question: 

What do you think are Kay's first impressions of the Snow Queen? 

Collect your impression in the table below. 


To access your work, log onto Seesaw and check your activities for the 'Infer Character Thoughts' task. 

If you are working from home and struggling to access Seesaw, take a screen shot of the table above and collect your thoughts with evidence.