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LC: to read words with unusual, infrequent patterns.

       to infer the meaning of unknown words from context.


The Night Gardener by The Fan Brothers.







William looked out of his window to find a commotion on the streets.  He quickly dressed, ran down stairs and raced out of the door to discover…


a wise owl had appeared overnight, as if by magic.  William spent the whole day staring at it in wonder, and he continued to stare until it became too dark to see.

R - How did William know about the commotion on the street?

I - How did William feel about the commotion?

C - Why has the author used the word 'commotion'?

LC: to use commas to separate a list .

      to select, generate and effectively use adjectives.


Imagine that you are William looking out of the window.  Write a paragraph about what you did.