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We are learning to 'spot the breakdown'.



If a river has a wide mouth, this is called an estuary. An estuary has a mixture of salty and fresh water. The fresh water from the river extends out into the sea. Some of the salty water from the sea travels up the river mouth. This mixture of salt and fresh water is called brackish water.

The river carries a lot of sediment as it travels from its source to its mouth. When the fresh water from the river meets the salty water from the sea, the river drops its sediment. Most is then washed away by the sea, the river and the tides.


R - What type of water is an estuary made from?

I - Where does the fresh water / salty water come from?

C - What dos the author mean by ‘washed away by the tides’?


Now use the vocab helper for the word sediment.



You can print off the Vocab helper from the pdf below.



Complete the task in your blue book, in your best handwriting, ready to show it off to your teacher when you come back to school.