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Please do the RIC before moving onto the main learning.

Monday 14th September, 2020

LC: To prepare for research by already identifying what is already known about a subject and ask key questions.

Research A 2.wav

Research B 2.wav

Research C 2.wav

What I already know about the Roman army:


- The Roman army was so large and powerful

- Roman soldiers lived in barracks

- The Roman army were grouped into legions

- The Roman soldiers did other jobs too, not just fight 

Research D 2.wav

What I already know about the Roman Empire:

                   (YOUR TURN)

Research E 2.wav

Research F 2.wav

Questions I'd like to ask based on what I already know:


How did the Roman Army become so large and powerful?


What made the Roman Army so successful in battle?


What was life like for a Roman soldier?


How big was a legion? 


Whey was the Roman Army group into legions?


What other jobs were Roman soldiers expected to do?

Questions I would like to ask about the Roman Empire based on what I already know:


Now you have written some questions, you are ready to begin researching. You will do this in the next lesson.