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Reading One

Please do the RIC before moving onto the main learning.

Thursday 1st October 2020

L.C: To understand unfamiliar words by reading around the text.


Let's start by thinking about which words are missing from these sentences.


Raymond was the youngest ___ in his family. He had two sisters and one ___. The family ___ in a little house.


*You can still find the meaning of the text with the words missing, this is called reading around the words.



Next let's look at words that are unfamiliar and use the 'read around the word' strategy to work out the meaning


After dinner, I was so moozled from the day’s busy activities that I fell asleep two hours before my bedtime. I woke up feeling hungry the next morning and sebberly ate breakfast.


What could the words moozled and sebberly mean? Discuss your ideas with the person next to you..