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Reading 1

Wednesday 21st April 2021

L.C. To draw inferences around character actions.


Last week, we looked at finding inference around character's thoughts and feelings.


Today, we are going to use the actions of a character to tell us more about the the personality of the character and how they might be feeling.




You can infer how characters in books feel based on their actions. Authors use a character's actions and his or her own description of those actions to help readers understand the feelings of that character. Let's look at a example from Kevin Henkes' book Chrysanthemum about a little girl going to school for the first time.


'On the first day, Chrysanthemum wore her sunniest dress and her brightest smile. She ran all the way.'


How does Chrysanthemum feel about her first day?


Based on her actions, we can infer that Chrysanthemum is excited about the first day. We know this because she is wearing her sunniest dress, she wears her brightest smile, and she is running. As these are all very positive things, we can tell she is excited.


On Seesaw, read the passages and answer the question underneath. Use the clues in the text as evidence for why you have given the answer you have.