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Wednesday 2nd December, 2020

LC: To recognise themes within texts.

Themes are the main ideas that lie beneath the surface of a text. They usually keep appearing throughout a text. 

Some examples of themes are good versus evil, love, war and friendship


In order to work out the themes of a story, or a piece of text, it helps to look closely at the words that are used and the events that happen


1. Read the text below which is an extract from the story Skellig by

   David Almond.

2. Then, listen to the teacher finding themes that are in the text.

(Click on the audio file to listen.)


Themes model 2.wav

Themes- extra help.wav

Your Task

Re-read through the Snow Queen text below. Look carefully at the word choices used by the author and the events that are taking place. What themes can you identify? 


Once you have read the pages, log onto Seesaw to complete the activity 'Themes'.