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Our key question for the year is ‘ What do people say about God?’ and for this half half term our focus question is ‘Why is Jesus special to Christians?’


Living Religious Traditions 


What is the important message in the Christmas story? 
Christians believe that Jesus was sent by God to bring peace on earth. 


Why do Christians retell this story as part of their Christmas celebrations? 
Christians retell this story so that they can share the good news of Jesus, God’s son. 

How does the Christmas story effect Christian’s lives?

The Christmas story brings hope and peace to all.  

First listen to the story below.

Next cut out and stick the characters on lollipops or if you’re learning from home draw the different characters from the story.
Then retell the story with a friend. 

The Christian Story of the First Christmas | Religions of the World

Suitable for teaching 3-5s. An animated clip narrating the Christian Story of the First Christmas.Subscribe for more Religious Studies clips from BBC Teach o...

Cut out the characters below and stick them on lollipops to retell the Christmas story.

Search for Personal Meaning 


We are going to discuss some questions below. If you’re learning from home you could discuss these with someone at home. 

Why do people give and receive presents? 

Why might some people gain pleasure from giving a present? 

What gift could you give if you had no money? One of the gifts I would give would be a hug. What gifts can you think of? Write and draw these in your topic books or if you’re learning from home in your blended learning books. 


Can a person be a present? Why/Why not? 

Now can you answer our focus question

‘Why is Jesus special to Christians?’

Write down your answers in your topic books or your blended learning books if you’re learning from home.