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Our key question for the year is ‘ What do people say about God?’ and for this half half term our focus question is Why is Jesus special to Christians?’

Shared Human Experiences 


We are going to start by discussing the following questions below. If you’re learning from home, have this discussion with someone in your house and write down your thoughts in your Blended Learning Books. 

Why is family important? 


Who is responsible for raising children in a family? 

What roles do people have when they are helping one another? 

Listen to the stories below. 

I'm a New Big Sister | Princess Polly | Story Time

The New Baby by Mercer Mayer - Little Critter - Read Aloud Books for Children - Storytime


Babies are both physical and emotionally vulnerable, which means they need someone to look after them. How do people prepare for a new baby? Can you write a list of important items? 


Some of the items that are important are:-







Baby wipes






Can you select 3 which you think are the most important and explain why?

This is the best present ever!!! What do you think it might be and why?

Some gifts cost a lot of money and some gifts such as love, family and caring are free. 

Watch the video below of the Christmas story. Watch carefully what roles the different characters have in the story. For Christians, Jesus is God himself and that makes him the most important character in the story. 

The Christian Story of the First Christmas | Religions of the World

Discuss in class or with someone at home:- Why was Jesus a special baby? Why might Christians describe Jesus as a gift to the world? 


Complete the purple mash 2Dos below making a Nativity poster of the characters in the Christmas story and sorting the pictures that are from the Christmas story and those that are not.