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Today our learning challenges are:- 


To understand that Christians refer to God as the ‘Father’. (B&V)

To discuss why Christians might compare God to a loving parent. (B&V)

Listen to the Lord’s Prayer. 

The Lord’s Prayer

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Discussion Time 


Why might Christians address God as Father? 

What does this suggest about Christian beliefs about God? 

In the Lord’s Prayer, Christians ask God to give them their daily bread and forgive them for their trespasses (sins). 


How does this reflect to our discussions about a good parent on Monday? 


A good parent looks after you and gives you everything you need (daily bread). If you do something wrong, they will forgive you and always love you. 

The Parable of the Lost Son

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Let’s think about the people in the story. 

What decisions did the Father make and why? 

The Father chose to forgive his son and to celebrate when he returned home to show him how much he loved him. In this story, the father represents God. 

Who do you think the Lost Son represents?