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Same but Different


Think about how all the children in our class are alike - what we have in common.  



We are alike because we all . . .


We are alike because we all . . .


Another thing we all have in common is . . . 


Can you think of any other ways on which we are all alike? What other things do we have in common?



We are the same in lots of ways. But we are also all very different from each other.


What kind of things make us different? 

We are good at different things. Miss Reid is a good reader. 

She is not so good at sport! 

What are you good at?



Draw or write on the medal all of the things you are good at.


Think about what you could get better at if you practised more.


Write them in the box.


(If you are working at home, complete the activity on Seesaw.)