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Physical Education

Physical Education

Here at Stoneyholme, in Physical Education, we strongly believe that all children will develop competence to excel in a broad range of activities, are physically active for long periods of time, are leading healthy, active lifestyles and are engaged in a broad range of competitive sports and activities. 



The children consider the following concept questions throughout learning in P.E:


What does it mean to be a citizen

Does equality always mean treating everybody the same?

Is power always a positive thing?

Does change always make things better?

Is trade necessary?

Is being part of a community the same for everyone?


Alongside each of these key concepts, the children at Stoneyholme also consider second order concepts such as Health and Well-being, Physically Active and Lifestyles.



See all of our amazing curriculum work below in the year group tabs!

Please see below our archived year group work from 2021/2022. 



Stoneyholme attend lots of competitions: Sports Hall Athletics, Football, Tag Rugby, Gymnastics, Cluster, SEND, Orienteering, C4L, Multi-skills, Cricket, High5, Rounders. Burnley Schools Sports Partnership host the competitions and we always have lots of fun!