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   As you are aware, this week is anti-bullying week and we have linked some of our learning to this theme.

  Please go through the slides on the powerpoint very carefully and don't move on until you have understood what it is trying to tell you.

Think carefully about the roles different people play.

    So you can be involved in bullying even if you do not do the actions yourself.

 If you encourage others to bully, or even if you stand by and don't help, then you are involved in bullying.

Are we doing everything we can to stop bullying?

 What more can you do?


  The children gave you some suggestions and wrote these in jigsaw pieces. If you are in school, you are going to do the same. If you are at home, please email your teacher and we will then write your ideas in the jigsaw pieces to display. 


   What can you do to stop bullying?