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Today our phonics lesson reminds us that ‘ur’ and ‘ear’ sometimes have the same phoneme. 
Can you read this paragraph and write out the words with ‘ur’ in them on your whiteboard. How many are there?


On Thursdays the hurly burly of the market was fun. I bought turnips for tea. The sun was hot and it burnt our skin. We knew that it would hurt us when we got home. I was ready to curl up on my cool bed and so turned left towards my house.

Now read these words -  heard, earn, pearl, rehearsal, earnest, early. These words also have the grapheme ‘ur’.
Use the consonants and vowels below and see how many words you can think of with ‘ear’. 

h, d, t, th, r, n, ch, s, e, r, a, l, y

Write your words on your whiteboard, if you are in school. If you are working from home please write them in your blue blended learning book and email a photograph to your teacher.