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Phase 1

Your learning explained.

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Sound Discovery Tray 
Collect different items from around your home and put them on a tray. Explore each one: see if it makes a sound. Does it make a loud sound? Does it make make a quiet sound? Can it make more than than one sound?
Musical Shakers
Make musical shakers by using plastic bottles or yoghurt pots and adding some dry rice/ peas or something similar to it. Seal it well with hot glue or tape. Have a go at listening to the sounds your shaker can make. 
Playing your Musical Shakers
Play your musical shakers whilst singing your favourite nursery rhymes. 
Rubber Band Instruments 
Using boxes and rubber bands make your own musical instruments.  Explore the sounds that they make. What does it sound like?
Playing your Instruments 
Using the instruments that you have made this week, play sounds alongside your favourite stories.