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Peace Garden

Peace Garden

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Mrs Davison’s Summer School Challenge

Your challenge is to help to design a Peace Garden for school.  The garden will be built behind the domes.  Here is a plan of where the garden will be.



Watch the video that Mrs Ayres and Mr Oldfield kindly made to show you what is already there.

When designing your garden, please think about:

  • What brings you peace? 
  • What helps you to relax and make you feel good inside?
  • What sounds do you like to hear?
  • What smells do you like to smell?
  • What do you like to feel with your hands or under your feet?
  • What position do you like to be in?  Do you like to sit or lie down?  Maybe you like to walk around?
  • What do you like to looks at?  Do different colours make you feel different?
  • How can we make our garden so we can use it in all seasons and in all weathers?

Use the internet to research different varieties of plants, materials that can be used and garden designs to help you with your ideas.

With an adult, visit parks, gardens and if possible, garden centres as part of your research.

EYFS and Year 1

Year 2 and Year 3

Year 4 and Year 5


Draw a picture of your garden.




Draw and label a plan of your garden.


Create a detailed plan which includes 2 or more senses.


Label the parts of your garden.


Describe why your garden makes you feel good.


Annotate the plan with a detailed explanation of your choices and why they make you feel good.


Write a sentence to say why your garden makes you feel good.


Make sure your design includes 2 or more of the senses (LOOK, HEAR, SMELL, FEEL)


Create a garden which will be interesting throughout the year.  Consider all of the points in the brief.


Connect: Spend time with family and friends (emotional wellbeing)

Be Active: Do what you can, enjoy what you do.  Move your mood (emotional wellbeing)

Keep Learning: Embrace new experiences, see opportunities, surprise yourself (emotional wellbeing)

Take notice: Reflect on what makes you feel good in your surroundings (spiritual wellbeing)

Give: Give your time for the benefit of others (emotional wellbeing)


Email photographs of your ideas to Mrs Davison on Purple Mash.

As well as the chance to earn certificates, win money in the prize draws, we will use the best ideas from the challenge to include in our actual Peace Garden creation for everyone in school to enjoy!  Good luck and I look forward to seeing your amazing ideas!