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Learning Challenge: 

  • To understand the difference between counter tension and counter balance. 
  • To perform shapes and balances with a partner. 


Can you explain the difference between Counter Tension and Counter Balance? Take a look at the pictures below to help you: 

Counter Tension:

  • Push against each other with hands/feet/backs close together.
  • Start with feet closer together apart and then gradually move them further apart until you are both in a counter balance
  • Good extension
  • When pushing, the further apart the bases are the harder it becomes


Counter Balance: 

  • Start with bent arms closer together
  • Start with feet further apart
  • Gradually lean away from each other
  • Hold wrists NOT hands 
  • Good extension 
  • To come back together pull back together and then release




  1. Using the resource card above can you try out the different Counter Tension and Counter Balances with a partner at home? This could be your Mum, Dad, Brother or Sister.
  2. Can you and your partner at home try to create your own Counter Tension and Counter Balances?



Don't forget to send your answers and lots of photos or videos to Miss Salkeld and Mr Ahmed on Purple Mash. You can do this by sending us an email. 


Good luck everybody!