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Learning Challenge

  • You will practice front and back support balances.



1. Can you balance on one leg?  

  • Keep one foot on floor nice and straight, bring the other up and touch your landing leg knee, now straighten your arms together pointing towards the sky. Hold this balance for 5 seconds. 

2. Can you try balancing using two parts of your body? 

  • Use one hand and one foot to balance, now extend opposite arm and leg in the air. Keep both arms and legs straight. Hold for 5 seconds.  


1. Can you create a balance using different parts of your body?  

2. Can you do ‘3 point balances’ and ‘4 point balances’?



Front and Back Support Balances


  • Front Support – Put both  on floor shoulder width apart, stretch both legs behind you straight. Keep your body in straight line.  


  • Back Support – Start by sitting on floor, keep hands on floor and raise your hips up towards the ceiling. Your legs and feet need to be squeezed together.


1. Can you do a ‘front support’ and move into the ‘back support’?

2. Can you do ‘back support' and move into the ‘front support’?


Don't forget to send your answers and lots of photos or videos to Miss Salkeld and Mr Ahmed on Purple Mash. You can do this by sending us an email. 


Good luck everybody!