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Learning Challenge: 

  • To demonstrate different shapes while jumping.  





Can you practice the following jumps 


1. Pencil Jump – jump up in a straight shape using both feet, extend your arms above your head in straight line and land back down on the same spot. 


2. Tuck Jump – jump up with both feet, bring your knees up high to your chest and make a tuck shape. Remember, we land back on 2 feet.  

3. Star Jump – Jump up with both feet, make a big star shape whilst in the air and then land back down on both feet. 



Step 1 - Walk 3 steps and do a ‘Pencil Jump’ 

Step 2 – Take 3 more steps  

Step 3 – now do a ‘Star Jump’ and land back on both feet 





  • Never land with straight legs (bend legs when landing) 
  • Land on the balls of your feet  
  • Arms should be in front in straight line when landing 
  • Look forward and not down.  

Don't forget to send your answers and lots of photos or videos to Miss Salkeld and Mr Ahmed on Purple Mash. You can do this by sending an email. 


Good luck everybody!