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Make time to connect with your family by playing a card game that involves children’s rights.



To complete this challenge:

1. Make yourself a set of cards to represent the Articles of the CRC.


Example: A closer look at what each card could look like...

You will need:

A copy of the Convention

(click on the link below)




Sellotape or glue

      Be creative! Your cards do not need to look exactly like the cards above. It is just an example. 

2. Once you have made some Rights Respecting cards, create some games to play with the people in your home to help everyone learn about rights.

  (Click on the link below to find some example games)

To achieve a PASS, take a photo of your Rights Respecting cards.  You could also take a photo of you and your family playing a card game with them.


EMAIL the PHOTOGRAPHS to either Miss Hall or Miss Bradshaw via PURPLE MASH.