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For a pass you will need to research body percussion and stomp-style performances.

Body percussion is where you make music using body sounds.

Stomp is a style of music using household items.

Watch the videos below then describe and comment  on your favourite performances.

You will also need to have a go at recording your own improvised body percussion performance.

Send your work to Mrs Salha on Purple Mash email with the name of your new class.

How To STOMP: Hands & Feet

THE PERCUSSION SHOW Presents : Body Percussion

Clapping Music by Steve Reich: In Performance

Hand Clap Skit - The Original!

How to STOMP: Bags

How To STOMP: Basketballs

STOMP "Kitchen Beats" Tutorial

Making Music with STUFF FROM KITCHEN

Kitchen Drumming for breakfast - Street drummer at home

STOMP Pancakes 2 #StompAtHome отрезок.wmv