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For a pass you will need to find out more about body percussion and stomp style performances.

Body percussion is where you use your body to make music.

Stomp is a style of music using things that you find around the home.

Can you watch these videos? 

Write or video or voice record which was your favourite and why.

Send your work to Mrs Salha on Purple Mash email with the name of your new class.

Hand Clapping Game "Sevens"

'Body Beats' - online body percussion session, Monday 23/03/20

Body percussion and Konokol workshop for kids by Jarry Singla

STOMP Hands & Feet #StompAtHome

STOMP "Kitchen Beats" Tutorial

The Titan Stomp

The Easiest Cup Song Tutorial

Cups Song - Anna Kendrick - Pitch Perfect's When I'm Gone (Live Acapella Cover)

Broom Jam

Annie 2014 Hard Knock Life Song HD