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OutRight 2018- Article 24

Article 24 - Every child has the right to the best possible health. Governments must provide a clean environment.


The children have taken part in OutRight 2018 (a campaign that speaks out in support of all children's rights). The focus this year is on air pollution and protecting children's right to health and a safe, clean environment. All across school, the children have looked into the causes of air pollution; how dirty the air is within our local environment; and how we can reduce air pollution as a community.

Some of the KS1 children realised that the air around them isn't that clean and that when they are playing, they are breathing in dirty air. Therefore, they wrote a letter to Mrs Davison asking if she could provide them with an evergreen tree to help improve the air around their playground- how could Mrs Davison refuse!

Letters to Mrs Davison for an Evergreen Tree

Some of the KS2 children took action for clean air by writing letters to our local MP, Julie Cooper, asking for her help to reduce air pollution. Some of these suggestions were planting more trees; making public transport cheaper and more reliable so that more people would use it; and finding ways of getting people to walk more to nearby places. Consequently, Julie Cooper did reply promptly and said she would take their views to parliament and discuss their points about public transport with the transport minister. She was very impressed by the children's letters, commenting that they were well-written.

Letters to our Local MP

Reply from our Local MP

The children also made pledges on how they are going to do their bit to make the local area less polluted. 

Our Pledges