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Oral Retelling in Writing



In the beginning, a vile monster called Grendel was savagely killing King Hrothgar’s people and the kingdom was in despair. Subsequently, King Hrothgar knew he needed to rid his land of the horrible beast. He wondered who he could call upon.

    Far away from Hrothgar’s kingdom , on the other side of the sea, there lived a brave and heroic prince called Beowulf. He offered to kill Grendel and travelled to Hrothgar’s Kingdom within weeks.

    On his arrival, a banquet was held. That night, while everyone was feasting, Grendel attacked unaware that it would be his final day on Earth. With hindsight, he would have stayed in his lair! As Grendel was viciously attacking everyone within the walls of Heorot, Beowulf leapt out of the darkness and grappled with the beast for many hours. After some time, Grendel tired so Beowulf chopped off his arm. Within seconds, Grendel yowled and raced out of the kingdom never to be seen again.

    In the end, Hrothgar’s kingdom was saved and Beowulf became Lord Protector of the kingdom.