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One Step at a Time Challenge. Don't forget to email us on Friday with your steps!

One Step at a Time Challenge

Have you ever thought about climbing Mount Everest?

Well together we can!

Count how many times you go up and down stairs at your house (up AND down counts as 1) It will take 5800 flights of stairs for us to climb the equivalent of Mount Everest. How long do you think it will take us?


Keep a count throughout the week and let us know using 2email on Purple Mash on a Friday morning. We will add them up and post how far we have climbed on the home page of our school website. 


How about doing it whilst you are practising your counting in 1's, 2's or 10's. Maybe you can chant your number bonds to 5 or your doubles too?

We look forward to hearing how many flights of stairs you have climbed this week! Let's see if we can beat Miss Salkeld and Mr Ahmed!