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To begin this lesson, Look at the spider and the ant. Do you know how many more legs the spider has? Remember a spider has 8 legs and an ant has 6 legs. Draw a bar to represent the spider's legs, then draw another bar below it to represent the ant's legs and label the 2 bars.
Can you see where 'more legs' are represented on the bar model? Can you label that part of the model? You can use subtraction to find the answer since we know both the number of spider's legs and ant's legs.

Read Let's Learn 2. This problem is similar to the previous one, except the numbers used are different. Draw the bar model for this. Draw the first bar for Ruby, then another bar below it for Amira. Should Amira's bar should be longer or shorter? Now label the bar model with the information given. Since we know the number of stickers Ruby and Amira each have, we can now find out how many more by subtraction.

Let’s learn 2

Do the guided practice in your blue blended learning book. Draw the bar models for each question.

Complete these pages in your blended learning book.