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Stoneyholme Community Primary Summer School Challenge MISSION POSSIBLE


CONGRATULATIONS! You have been specially selected to take part in MISSION POSSIBLE.  We have designed a wide variety of exciting challenges for you and your family to take part in over the summer holidays. At school, you will remember that we learn about wellbeing and why it is very important in all of our lives.  These projects focus on the 5 wells of wellbeing, but most of all they are fun!



Connect: Spend time with family and friends; this will enrich your day.  This helps our emotional wellbeing

Be Active: Being active makes you feel good.  Get moving – exercise, dance, sing, go for a walk, a run or a bike ride. Move your mood. This helps our physical wellbeing.

Keep Learning: Try something new, this can be fun and can make you feel good and build your confidence.  This helps our emotional wellbeing.

Take notice: Take time for yourself.  Notice the things around you, reflect on how your surroundings make you feel and find joy in the simple things.  This helps our spiritual wellbeing.

Give: Be kind to others and yourself.  Simple acts of kindness can make you feel happier.  This helps our emotional wellbeing.


Choose a project, follow the instructions on how to send in your entry and you could earn a certificate for your efforts!  Test, exams and qualifications can earn different levels, PASS, MERIT or DISTINCTION. 


PASS: You have tried hard to complete the challenge and sent in an entry.

MERIT: You have completed the challenge to a good standard and have included many of the details asked for, showing a lot of effort, care and attention.

DISTINCTION: You have completed the challenge to an excellent standard, including all of the details asked for, showing maximum effort, care and attention.


Each challenge has success criteria explaining what you will need to do to achieve each level.

If you send in SIX or more entries and achieve at least a PASS for each, your name will go into a prize draw.  One lucky person’s name will be chosen at random and they will win a prize of £100!  IT COULD BE YOU!

If you send in SIX or more entries and you achieve at least ONE DISTINCTION certificate, your name will go into a prize draw and one person from each age group will win £50 each!

A huge thank you to GREGGS BAKERY for their very generous donation for our summer activities.