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Dear parents and carers

I hope you and your loved ones are all safe and well.

As you will be aware, the Government lockdown is to continue and be reviewed in May.  Until then, we must continue to stay in our own homes apart from for daily exercise, food shopping (one adult only where possible) and to go to work if you are unable to work from home.  We MUST social distance from everyone else who does not live in our household.

At school we have been very busy planning the next phase of home learning for our children.  When they return, we will put every effort into making sure children ‘catch up’ on missed learning, we are teachers and it is our job, however, this can be greatly supported in the meantime with your help at home.  Daily practise will promote discipline, good attitudes to learning, confidence, perseverance and sense of achievement, all attributes we celebrate in our children at Stoneyholme.  Keeping a routine will also help your child when they return to school and will in turn; help you to manage their boredom and behaviour while we are in lock down.

This planning now includes ‘new learning’.  We have looked at our plans for what we would have taught your child during this half term and picked out the important skills and knowledge we believe is necessary for their future education,  We have then developed new ways of ‘distance teaching’ to include; videos, slide shows, diagrams and pictures rather than a lot of written instructions.  The work will be presented in a way that we believe the children will understand.  On the Class pages on the website, there will be a daily timetable of what the children MUST complete on that day.  IT IS NOT AN OPTION, HOME LEARNING MUST BE COMPLETED, Monday to Friday are SCHOOL DAYS.  If children struggle to complete an activity, email the teacher using Purple Mash and they will get back to you to offer help and support.  We have provided a further pack of resources to help children produce their VERY BEST work.  This includes a special exercise book, a pack of pencils, glue, rulers etc. for each family and from Year 1 upwards, their Maths No Problem exercise book.  Please encourage them to look after them and present their work as neatly as they possibly can.  The books and reading books MUST be returned to school when we are open again and will be used as part of their assessment evidence this year. 

Teachers will continue to ring your child once a week.  Please pick up the phone when they do.  Children should be in their own homes and available to speak to.  Good routines are important.   When school is open, children are expected to be here by 8 50am, while they are at home, they should not still be in bed in the afternoon on a school day.

Until we can all be back together again, please take very good care of yourselves and contact us if you need anything at all!

With our very best wishes


Lisa Davison 


             and all of the staff at Stoneyholme Primary School.