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Fixed Penalty Notices for Parking

The school run is a very busy time of the day for parents and children.  Parking at the school gates on the zigzag yellow lines or close by could put your child's and other children's lives in danger. 

Roads marked with zigzag lines are considered as a very high risk area so abuse of these parking restrictions is taken very seriously.

Stopping on the zigzag lines can result in you being issued with an instant Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) by Lancashire Constabulary, which could be up to £70. Could we also ask you to be mindful of your speed when driving along Oswald Street and down March Street.

If a member of school staff asks you to move your car, do oblige, as the safety of your child and other children are paramount. If this problem persists then unfortunately Lancashire Constabulary have no option but to start issuing Fixed Penalty Notices.

You can refer to the attachment below for more details regarding this issue and to view the letter from Lancashire Constabulary.