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What could I call my island?

My Lifesland

Virtual Town Me

Mrs ??? Island

Mr ??? Island

My Covid Island



Think carefully about the important things that have happened during your lockdown experience - items, activities, feelings or family members or friends that represent you during this time.


Now you have thought about your ideas, choose 6 or more symbols and include the items into your map, representing them with different land features or locations on the map. 

You can create symbols and keys to represent you and your experience.


Things to remember


Map key for your symbols


The name of your Island


The shape of your Island








A Year 5 teachers example (without colour)

Don't worry if you don't have any colours! You can use pencil to draw and shade in. You may also use a tablet, computer or a laptop.


Your new teacher will love too see your Island. After you find out who your new teacher is, please email them a picture of your Island on Purple Mash.