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Keep the beat to the music. You could clap. stamp, bend your knees, wave, sway or any other way you can think of.

Ella Fitzgerald - Frosty The Snowman (Official Video)

How did this music make you feel? Was it a happy or sad song? Did it make you feel like dancing or resting? Did it remind you of anything?

Clap the beats of the words

Still image for this video
Yesterday in start the day you learnt about pitch - high sounds and low sounds. Can you make a high sound with your voice? Can you make a low sound with your voice? Listen to these sounds. Are they high or low?

Lion Roar Sound Effect

Whistling Kettle - Free sound effect

Sound motorcycle - sound effect

Thunder Sound effect

Bicycle bell sound effect

(lion-low, kettle-high, motorbike-low, thunder-low, bicycle bell-high)
Learn the actions and words for this nursery rhyme. When singing remember to stand up straight, smile, open your mouth wide and sing the words clearly.

CBeebies: Something Special - I'm a Little Tea Pot - Nursery Rhyme

Now use an instrument to keep the beat or play a repeated rhythm to the nursery rhyme. If you are at home you could make a pan and spoon into a drum or a tub of rice into a shaker. Use a tablet or phone to record your playing and email it to your teacher through Purple Mash 2email.