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We are going to start by watching a short video called


Today in music we are learning to use the glockenspiel on our i-pads. We are using Charanga to start with the notes E and D.

Your teacher will play you the music on Charanga and ask you to listen to the piece through twice. Each time you hear the note E being played, touch your nose!

Now use the glockenspiel on your i-pad to play the E in time with the music on Charanga.

Your teacher will play the next piece of music again twice. Listen and each time you hear a D touch your ear!

Then play the note D as your teacher plays the music again.

This time try to learn the piece by heart.

Then try to play without the help from Charanga.

We are now going to learn some of the theory of music by watching a short video.

The last part of the lesson involves you copying back the pulse.

Good Luck!