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       Just like stories and films, music tells a story. The way a piece of music is organised creates the mood.

Remind yourself of the following song. While you are listening, think about what it makes you think of, how does it make you feel and what is it about the song that makes you think and feel this way.

     The pulse of a song is the steady beat that doesn't change. You can clap along to the song to find the pulse. You should all be clapping at the same time and you shouldn't clap at different speeds. You use the pulse of a song when you dance too. Try clapping to part of the song to see if can find the pulse.



  Tempo means the speed of a song. In some songs the temp changes.


  See if you can answer the following questions based on the song, 'Happy'.

The song is a modern song (contemporary)


   Let's look at some more facts about the song.

   Now listen to the following song. Are there any similarities to , 'Happy'?


  We will talk more about this next week.