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Last week in music we listened to and started to learn a song called

'Rhythm in the Way We Walk'.

If you are learning from home you will need to log in to YUMU.

Your teacher will email your username and password.

Our first job today is to listen to 'Mars' by Gustav Holst.

When you have logged onto YUMU, click on the tabs on the right to listen and play the games.

Click on the questions button as you listen to the music. 

Say what you think of the music. What does it make you think of? What can you hear?

Next try the vocal warm ups.

Listen to the instructions and join in.

Then choose a games track to do. Will you choose bronze, silver or gold? Follow the instructions on your video.

Next watch the video about rhythm.

Next practise the song 'Rhythm in the Way We Walk' with the actions we thought of last week.

Have you learned the song now?

Who will you perform it for?

Could you record yourself?

Keep practising the song outside!