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Mrs Foolat

How well do you know your teacher?


Mrs Foolat quiz!


Answer each question and then check the answers at the end to see if you were right!


No cheating!


Good Luck! 


1. How many children does Mrs Foolat have?


a. 1


b. 3


c. 2


2. What is Mrs Foolat's favourite chocolate?


a. Dairy Milk


b. Terry's Chocolate Orange


c. Galaxy


3. What was the last year group Mrs Foolat taught before Year 5?


a. Year 1


b. Year 3


c. Year 4


4. Where is Mrs Foolat's favourite place to go on holiday?


a. Maldives


b. Spain


c. Dubai


5. What Lancashire town does Mrs Foolat live in?


a. Burnley


b. Bolton


c. Blackburn


6. What Lancashire town was Mrs Foolat born in?


a. Burnley


b. Bolton


c. Blackburn